About Us



        Gravity Bridge Records is an underground  independent record label currently located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  As a songwriter musician and ultimately an artist Mutti  Lewis, the CEO, founded this label in 1995 in hopes to create and publish his own music in which he has done successfully in his own right. Now with the world ever changing so rapidly, Mutti Lewis and the team at Gravity Bridge Records is determined to create music that will continue to inspire the world.


          Here at Gravity Bridge Records our goal is not just to get your head nodding and fingers snapping but we strive to produce music that speaks to the heart and soul of our listeners. Our music is not for everyone but for those who desire to be inspired.  In a time when The world has become a marketplace for the superficial and shallow , there are people who still believe in great songs and good music.  We  believe you have come to the right place for such inspiration. At Gravity Bridge we aspire to inspire the soul and  to produce music that one can still find little gems of inspiration  in  if you take the time to listen.