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    This Is my   Life in Its Entirety   - The physical, spiritual and emotional bliss  that haunts me though I often try  to  run away  from it , only to find emptiness with  an unfulfilled heart  at the end of the day.  Its my hills and valleys that have made me the who I am of which I have no regret ……… If I omit any of the above then I would have stop from being true to me”  -   Natasha 

                              Natasha Lewis born in Bridgeport Connecticut  without a doubt is a phenomena and is one of the most edgy, sincere and soulful  voices that you will  hear in today’s pop culture  and beyond ….she has lived her life without apology     and her music is the catalyst of her  life  itself, and is depicted In  an eclectic vibes that tells its own untold stories,  leaving her listeners  and fans  always eager for more, with heart felt lyrics to lift ones soul and    inflate debate at times ….


A new genre of music called UN-CAGED having the freedom to do it her way is what matters most to her, leaving her listeners to formulate their own perceptions…. Natasha grew up in  a very diverse culture with Jamaican  and black American roots with a touch of Portuguese and native  American emblems  all attached to it ……. a  subculture  that has influenced her musical pallet,    making her different and unique,  a marriage of classical music   ,rock ,rhythm and blues with a flair of rootsey  reggae    with  deep elements of   jazz   surrounded with gospel and so much  more was her playground.  

            Natasha parent had planted the musical seed in her heart from a very tender age, when she sang her first song at 2 years old, read the bible at four years old.  Even though life was not always kind to them, her parent  have made the sacrifice  to give her  piano lessons that she enjoyed as a kid but was unable  to continue because of life’s  difficulties.  Concentrating on voice lessons which her mom and dad teaches her everyday became the hallmark of the Lewis family because they would sing while her dad strum on his old beat-up guitar. Family devotion was paramount in the Lewis family and for this reason singing has become second nature. 

Her dad Mutti Lewis is a prolific songwriter, and a roots rock reggae artist.  Her mom Louise Fletcher  who  is the grand-niece of the jazz pianist and composer   Horace Silver  she herself   a recording artist  had introduced Tasha and her sister Sabrina Lewis to one of the greatest collection of pop  music.  Her  mom a big fan of  Stevie Wonder Shaka – khon, Earth wind and Fire  and the Jackson Five  has wet her pallet and tune her ears to some of the greatest voices . While her dad introduced The Beatles, Nat King Cole , Andre Crouch, Sting (The Police),The Carpenters, Deon Warwick , U2 and the legendary  Bob Marley with   wide range of gospel albums  to save the day.

           As a kid growing up in one of the most beautiful yet volatile cities on the east coast Bridgeport Connecticut where Natasha grew up, she   learned firsthand, what poverty, racism and social injustice look like in her neighborhood,   yet she has lived her life with an open- mindedness embracing diversity as a way of life and never stopped being true to herself ….she was always curious about life and would trod uncharted waters that her siblings and most of her friends was scared to tread. 

Natasha grew up in the church and have deep roots in the spiritual aspect of life and never sway away from those , parental boundaries  that got stuck in her subconscious knowing  that her life story that she often sings about is which has come with much pain ,plus  generational curses that often stop her in her tracks. She never let it get her down and sure aint no stranger to life’s mishaps, broken homes and city life; which are   depicted in her music. You will hear the pop rock , reggae and  gospel  influence in her songs, as she deliver her  heart on a platter for the world to see it for what it is. She sings of her own struggle and the things that affect her deeply. Natasha knows how to pray and thank God for everything, knowing that nothing is a coincident. Her life of gratitude is shown in her smile each day though the pains of life often wipe the smile away.

                Whitney Houston Stevie Nicks  and Lauren Hill is her biggest influence and once waited over 3 hours in line to see Lauren Hill perform at Toads Place, in New Heaven Connecticut where the legends plays. It was here and then she made her mind up to plunge into the deep murky waters of life (where the sharks swims) to find her reason in life, and hope to continue where the legends put their baton down.  

         After touring for several years with Connecticut gospel singer Deon Kipping , she decided to  follow her dream and walk into purpose. She has so much more to say that the world needs to hear. After many long nights and endless days in the studio here is her debut single  from her album  “Did I Disappoint You”.    


Understanding also that the chronicles of one’s life take on many shapes, and comes with so many disappointments, of which she will tell you a thing or two, if you ever get the chance to see her live performance. Though life has often pull the rug from under her feet Tasha never stop holding on to that little ray of hope, knowing that the sun will come out tomorrow.  She often goes to the place where the physical spiritual and emotional aspect of life meets in the garden of her soul. These are the hallmarks of her reality that is soulfully depicted in her songs. Her soulful edgy hypnotic voice, without a doubt will surly take you there, and beyond.   


You will easily become a part of her experience as you fallow her on her fan club on social media etc. Her debut album/ CD with the title song “Did I Disappoint You” which some will find heart wrenching, is just one of the gems you’ll find. She gives you a bonus track “Lonely faces-smile Again” of which will be the B side of her double single.

 (Be careful  you might  just fall in love with the soulfulness of her  heart and provocative lyrics )  

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Songs from the attic of Mutti Lewis :  written and produced by Mutti Lewis for Gravity Bridge Music Group.

Engineer by Charles Millers & Nigel Gayle for Gravity Bridge records.

Producers  Mutti Lewis & Charles Miller  

Mutti Lewis CEO of Gravity Bridge Music Group created the un-cage genre for the expression of the soul when a major label would not sign him to their raster because of his rock influence as a Jamaican who they think should be singing reggae. For this reason UN-Cage was born. “Music without boarders is much  bigger than  a man-made  box, its an expression of the soul”   - Mutti Lewis  .Recorded @ Gravity Bridge Recording Studio – Bridgeport Connecticut.

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