Sabrina Lewis …… without a doubt will be  one of the next sensation in pop  culture ….she has the wit and the heart and indeed  the kind of voice that is undeniable and as sincere and contagious as any of the pop icon that has made popular music what it is today. Like the Dionne Warwick’s, Billy Holiday, Diana Ross, Céline Dion and Whitney Houston, just to name a few who had set the stage for such greatness and has helped to inspire an entire generation and pave the way for many.

 Her voice is as soulful and edgy as it gets, and indeed recognizable once you heard it. She is one who really knows how to ignite an audience once she is in front of her fans or on that stage, where she is most vulnerable yet comfortable and in control, which is indeed her play-ground, and what made her Sabrina Lewis.  she knows how to   lights up her   world, and bring her audience to that sense of awe…exactly  where she wants them to go, as she so  often  gracefully mesmerize them with her soulful  and edgy melodic  voice  behind her untamed and un-selfish  lyrics .

Sabrina has grown up in the church where she had gotten the chance to put down roots and laid the foundation over the years, but will tell you in a jiffy that it was her mom and dad who had set the stage for such prospective greatness, that will indeed be a voice to reckon with in the years to come.  Her father who had been a prolific song writer  and producer with  both  mother and father  being recording artist themselves , had introduce her to one of the most diverse collection in popular music  growing up as a kid in Connecticut  ……from Andre Crouch ,  Chaka khan  and the  Carpenters   to Bob Marley , Dylan and the Beatles. Her dad also  introduce her to  the recording studio from an early age as young as seven years old, when she and her sister Natasha Lewis ( who she looks up to with great admiration as one of  the most  beautiful  voices ) and  her brother Richard sang….. Back up on her father’s Mutti Lewis  debut solo album entitled “Righteous Vampire”  she was only seven years old then. If you got the chance to hear that song today  you will recognize her  untamed raw and soulful harmony, which  her dad still smile about even today……

                           Sabrina was born in Bridgeport Connecticut and knows the trials and perils that come with life growing up in a big city that has its fair share of crime, poverty and ghetto mentality. Bridgeport was no less volatile than   New York, Chicago, Philly and Los Angeles in the eighties and nineties…… Her father Jamaican and   her mom black American with musical  roots runs as deep as the late jazz artist Horace Silver as her great grand uncle make her as versatile, venerable  and conscious of who she is and where she is going  . Music as always being Sabrina’s most ardent companion and she sure isn’t no stranger to broken homes and city life. 

She can tell you about raw pain growing up as a kid. It was music and her relationship with Jesus Christ that had gotten her through some of her toughest and roughest times as a teenager. Devastated seeing her mom and dad got divorce and went their separate ways in her early teens while still in high school, shattered her hopes and trust  in the time when she and her sister and brother needed them the most. This she never forgets and maybe never have gotten over, and now make it a part of her musical journey and way of life  to encourage all of those broken hearted kids who feel like they  have gotten left behind, by parents who never thought of them or put them first in their decision making, how it has created so many broken hearted  children around the world ,  of which she was one of them. Understanding most   of those living their lives in a dark  suspicious cloud as empty souls being let down  as kids. Some are  still searching to find  their way back home. 

This  she understand very well and is where she gets passionate, speaking the essential truth , in real talk as she ,   helps to mend many broken hearts with her soulful anointed  voice.  It was not as easy as it seems getting her singing career on the move. After many years of  job skipping with odd jobs here and there ,running away from her  dream and passion ,after  finishing nursing school  she decided to take her leap of faith and followed her heart into finishing this album she started recording 5 years ago, and here you have it, after many sleepless nights in the studio pouring her heart out in a labor of love. Intention is to give something to the world that will be able to mend a lot of broken hearted children, and in return inspire them to dream the impossible dream.

Her message of love  hope and forgiveness is real as she has lived with great pain for many years, but was able to turn it around on her journey of forgiveness; and was able to move on using her experience as her badge of honor and inspiration. She will tell you all is not lost, but has gain life lessons for a lifetime, of which she shares with her audience.

  Sometimes in her performances, you can hear the  raw -pain in her voice that makes her music so much more vulnerable and   appealing making it easy for her audience to connect with her both on a spiritual, physical and emotional level……. She wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time and a smile to protect it. She has an old soul with a new meaning.

 Sabrina loves life and people alike especially children that are going through hard times. These  kids  she has a special place in her heart for and will go out of her way to help the down trodden, and is never afraid to voice her opinion on social issues that affects ones moral compass. She will march for the cause that touches her heart when it comes on to the up-liftment of mankind…..being on the Gravity Bridge Label , with their  UN-CAGE  genre : to be able to  express whatever she feels and believe her fans will love only make it a more beautiful reason to want to sing.  Having the freedom to do it her way is what matters most to Sabrina.

In her debut album entitled “IN YOUR SEARCH FOR PEACE” you will hear songs like “Misty –But I would Fly” this song can take you to places you might have never gone before. A  heart felt piece entitled  ,Yearning  where she gets  real Jazzy , with real sincerity of heart; where you will hear  the true rawness and untamed melody in her voice  to “Everything is Gonna Be All Right “  It is as fresh,  edgy , inviting   and inspiring as it ever gets creating a bridge to the past and the present  taking her message to a different level without apology  embracing diversity and harmony and her love for the human race…..   As you listen and accompany her on her musical journey……. You won’t be disappointed if you’re searching for peace or a revolution.

          (A Gravity Bridge Production)

Genre – Un-caged  

Recorded at Gravity Bridge Recording Studio – Bridgeport Connecticut.

A Gravity Bridge Production – Gravity Bridge Music Group   (GBMG)   2019  © 

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Recorded @ Gravity Bridge Recording Studio – Bridgeport Connecticut.

                  (A Gravity Bridge Production) ….. Genre – Un-caged  

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Songs from the attic of Mutti Lewis :  written and produced by Mutti Lewis for Gravity Bridge Music Group.

Engineer by Charles Millers & Nigel Gayle for Gravity Bridge records.

Producers  Mutti Lewis & Charles Miller  

Mutti Lewis CEO of Gravity Bridge Music Group created the un-cage genre for the expression of the soul when a major label would not sign him to their raster because of his rock influence as a Jamaican who they think should be singing reggae. For this reason UN-Cage was born. “Music without boarders is much  bigger than  a man-made  box, its an expression of the soul”   - Mutti Lewis.